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Break Free—

free from the fog of suffering and the uck of stuck



It's time for you to get the help you want and need. Let's dive into how we'd work together.


the three ways we'd work together

Each of these journeys has a unique goal and arc—just like a story or a narrative. We’ll be able to shape and go bigger and deeper based on the container we step into. Each program is designed to address where you're at, and the length of support that most suits your unique work and journey.

There are typically three entry points when people work with me:

I want to learn:



Sometimes we just need support in a specific area of our lives. Whether it's noticing that you're having trouble with something, you want to learn true self care and self love, or you need help processing, this journey can provide a foundation for a new healing skill or habit in your life, or support in a unique time or transition.

I want support in:



Maybe it's your career. Maybe you're moving (congrats!). Maybe you're ready for your relationships to look different. I'm here to help you navigate this exciting—and seemingly terrifying time. This journey takes you through the change you're in with the skills, outlook, and mindset that makes it most potent and powerful for you.

I want to make:



Sometimes we know less about where to begin, but we know life gets better than this. In this exploratory journey, we dive into what's keeping you stuck, transforming those emotions and situations, to discover and build the life of your dreams. Our most powerful navigation system is our desire—let's tap into that for you.

How you know you're ready

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What you're done with



What you want to do



Where you are now—and what you want

  • I want to have more energy in my life, and more time for the things that energize me

  • I want to stop being in fear and constant anxiety about what to do next

  • I want to learn to trust myself and my thoughts; I want to learn how to love myself

  • I want to stop shrinking to make things work when they feel like shit all the time

  • I want to believe I can trust in the world, myself, my vision, and what brings me joy

  • I want to feel connected and to have incredible relationships and friendships

  • I want to know I’m not my failures and not be haunted or defined by my past

  • I want to stop feeling like crap

  • I want to no longer be stuck, lost, confused, or drowning in despair

  • I want to feel free and alive; I want to be my best—and feel like myself again

How your journey takes form

Each of these journeys can be a 3, 6, or 12 month journey. On our call together we'll decide what makes the most sense and is the most supportive for you to step into to make the change you're seeking to make in your life.

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The Skills and Support Journey

This package focuses on support for a specific stage or step in the healing journey: building skills around inner dialogue, self care, support in times of healing, or creating a new vision for what's possible in your life. You'll know you're here if you have a better idea what type of help you're looking for or what problem you'd like to work with. As a shorter journey this provides you initial exposure to new skills and support. As a longer journey this provides you deeper support to create new habits and transformation.

the details:

  • You want to focus on:

    • Building skills around inner dialogue

    • Self care

    • Support in times of healing

    • Creating a vision for what’s possible in your life

  • You know:

    • Where you are

    • What your roadblocks are

    • What pattern or problem you want to focus on

    • More about the pattern of your suffering

  • You're looking for guidance to overcome:

    • Negative self talk

    • Being stuck in your career or life

    • Being lost in your goals

    • Feeling drained or trapped

Let's explore these journeys together, and decide what the right fit is for you.



The Life or Career Change Journey

This package focuses on a journey through change and support in a specific area of your life (career, relationships, family, moving, self-care and self-talk overhaul, other life change). You might know what's plaguing you, but might know less of where you want to go and how to get there. This journey supports you in the choice to make the change, get clarity on what you want, and the skills and support to stick with it. It can powerfully propel you to gain clarity and take the kind of action you never dreamed to be possible.

the details:

  • You want to focus on:

    • A specific area of change in your life

    • Creating clarity: establish what you want and where you want to go

    • Skills in visioning and walking a new path

    • Make the steps forward in faith—versus fear

    • Mindset—mental and emotional resilience

  • You know:

    • What you want to change

    • Where you've gotten stuck making change in the past

    • What scares you—and excites you—about moving forward (or we'll discover this together)

    • Why you want to change

    • Where you need to create healthier self-care habits to make this change possible

  • You're looking for guidance to overcome:

    • What's holding you back from diving into this exciting time with an open heart and open mind

    • The inevitable fear that comes up in moments of change

    • The emotional and logistical difficulties of change

    • The self-talk of "not getting it right" sooner 

Sometimes we know a bit less about what needs to be transformed.

How do I know this?

I've been here way too many times before. That's exactly why I'm here for you.

Let's schedule a time to talk and help you get some clarity about what's going on in your life.

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The Undiscovered Journey

This undiscovered journey is near and dear to my heart. It is probably what I wish I had many years ago, to figure out what I truly wanted in life, to surface the habits and thoughts that were holding me back or keeping me stuck, to support me to make the changes I needed faster than I could on my own and with loving support. As you'll learn with my own story, when we do the kind of deep work that's possible in this container, you'll see the effects ripple out across multiple areas of your life.

This journey takes you through the complete Steps in Healing process. We look at where you are now, what needs to be transformed and released, giving you the tools to heal and release what is no longer true to you, and supporting you in a journey of writing a new narrative and living that possibility as the very real path forward in your life.

I cannot emphasize how transformative this work can be—and how this container gives you the support to make significant change in a year, rather than a lifetime of learning.


the details:

  • You want to focus on:

    • Creating a new possibility for your life—and living it

    • Examining deeply what keeps you feeling trapped, stuck, or suffering

    • Building repeatable skills across the Steps in Healing Journey

    • Tapping into and growing your inner wisdom

    • Creating life-giving self-care and self-holding habits and practices

    • Building muscles in inner dialogue, healing, vision building and execution

    • Providing deep support and a collaborative container to take you on one of the most important journeys in your life

  • You know:

    • You feel stuck—but you have less of an idea why

    • You are in the guck—life feels less possible, more gray all the time

    • Life can be better—you just have no idea how to get there

    • You are so ready for change and you'd love help creating what you can only imagine to be possible

    • You've done work like this in the past—personal development courses, maybe therapy—but you're ready for skills, practices, guidance, and support so you can make lasting and meaningful, deep change and stop hopping from pebble to pebble

    • About your inner dynamics— you're introspective and self aware, but you also need help getting out of your own way of processing

  • You're looking for guidance to overcome:

    • Feeling trapped and stuck, with no where to go and no idea what to do

    • Fear, shame, guilt, blame, depression, anxiety—and all their other frenemies

    • A sense of suffering—and figuring out what's causing it in the first place

    • A sense of not living—feeling stagnant, thinking there has to be more to life than this

    • Putting up with life because you're told "this is the way it is"

    • No longer knowing what lights you up—forgetting where you experience the spark of life, purpose, and passion

    • Not knowing where to start or feeling like you're being pulled in a million directions

    • The old stories about who you are and how you let your failures replay over and over in your head (and possibly even define you)

What would be possible if we transformed life as you know it?

What if there was another sky above the sky—that it just gets better and better, not worse and worse?


How this work unfolds


Each package has it's own ingredients based on four main pillars

Depending on the selected package and timeframe, we’ll collaborate and decide what’s best for you in our exploration together.


Each journey includes:

  1. Intaking Intentions

  2. Deep Dive Video Calls

  3. A Series of Bi-Weekly Sessions

  4. A Private Online Space for our 1:1 work, including:

  • Exercises and Journaling 

  • Self Care and Healing ResourceS

  • Communication between Sessions


What this looks like

Here is an example journey of how these pillars combine together:


The first step: Intake Intentions


Our first major piece of work together begins before our first call. It’s a chance for you to set intentions, to elevate this work in your life, and for you to be introspective about our journey and how we can be successful together. This form and process is crucial to creating the most impactful, powerful, customized journey and container for your change. In it you'll answer questions about how you best learn, what work you've done in the past, and what you're most looking forward to now.


Creating space: Deep Dive Calls — Kickoff and Every 3 months for a year long program // Video — 3 Hours


This call sets us up for success by clarifying and diving into what you want, what we most need to focus on, and how our work together will be uniquely attuned to you. It will give you early tools to help propel your journey forward and reveal early deep insights together.

In longer journeys, Deep Dive Calls are scheduled every three months to deepen into where you are in that moment: to celebrate and recognize what progress you made, and to more deeply surface what you want or what’s nagging at you that needs more time and a deeper container to dive into. These Deep Dives will be a chance to check in on our relationship and see what tools are best working for you, what we can tweak, and what we can change. 


Our cadence together: Calls Every 2-3 weeks for 1 hour


We’ll connect every two to three weeks to dive into what is most present for you. These calls are spaced out so you have optimal time for processing and sitting with the material. You’ll have support in between aided by audios and exercises I send to you each week we don’t connect (and some that we do), that will provide exercises, tips, and prompts to deepen into the stage, work, and introspection you are in.

In these calls we’ll problem solve and hold space for the things that are often hard to sift through on our own as well as practice new skills that you are building. It will be a powerful container for you to be held and supported in the brave work you are doing. Each call will likely unearth some new dimension to your inner work and journey, and aid in the wisdom you are uncovering within.


Staying connected and supported: Our Communication Between Sessions


We will use a private online platform and space to connect between calls. This is where I’ll share the bi-weekly audios, journaling exercises, and other curated tools and tips for where you are at. This is also where you’ll have access for support that you need between calls, and where you’ll share your journaling reflections with me. You'll be able to ask questions, get online support and coaching, and stay in touch beyond our calls each month.

Journaling, whether by audio, paper and pen, or computer, is a powerful deepening and awareness tool. We’ll use your insights as a way to check-in and for me to provide ongoing reflections and support as you continue to uncover and go deeper, and build your ability to hold and attune to yourself.

Together these provide the time and space for you to do deep, guided inner work

This journey can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be and the good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. I deeply believe in this life-giving and transforming work, and am eager to connect you with its power for you in your life. 

I want you to feel held, and sure that you have someone there for you, that you are not alone, no matter what. 

An invitation to go deeper


How do you know if you should take the next step?


If any of this rung true for you—if any of this is scratching at your neck, I have an invitation to go deeper. At the link below, you can download the Self-Intimacy Workbook and for the next month, schedule a Deep Dive Soul Exploration Call. These are complete gifts to you as I launch this life-changing and transformative work in the world, and it would be an honor to explore what’s calling to you. This combined opportunity gives you a chance to build your self-intimacy, your self-seeing and reflection, to tune into your needs, to go much deeper and take a moment of introspection, to take a look at what’s most present in your life right now, in a safe, supported, and love-filled container. Completely free of charge. I would love to witness and support what you need, hold space for what powerful insights might arise for you, and surface what steps might be next in your own journey.



Take action now, it's the most powerful thing you can do for your life.


Schedule your complimentary call





This work is calling to you for a reason. Let’s explore what’s possible.


Does this journey hold jewels for you? 

It is a powerful path to walk. If this journey is calling to you or even barely scratching at your interest, let's schedule your call.



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