in healing color

healing ethos  

The Origins of In Healing Color


healing happens deep in the sea—

In the deep watery, unknown, often terrifying and enchanting depths of the unconscious. In the great big blue, cosmic sea we’ve come to outer-know as the scariest parts of ourselves, and yet they are those just because they are the least traveled, the most alchemic, the most potent and powerful, the most glimmering, the most breathtaking.


The ocean is vast and luminous. On these journeys we travel its many colored depths. In Healing Color brings the journey of inner and soul exploration to life in all its beauty, brightness, in full living lived color and experience.



In Healing Color illuminates all those depths of self. The known water shimmering with the light of the sun, that stretches out in every direction in its expanse. The crashing waves against the cliffs that are breathtaking in their force and power. And that is before we even get a chance to walk out, to waddle in its shores, to venture and dive in.




As we surrender to the great depths of the ocean, different life forces exist there. Different beings—beings of our imagination and soul, beings of our wounds and depths. They are there to greet us along our journey, to encounter us as we explore, to teach us something we have yet to learn, to see, or to transform. To reach a new depth or aspect of self we have yet to reach. 


The sea and the ocean comes to represent the unconscious, our shadow, the darkness, the watery, emotional moving parts of ourselves and our inner sea. These depths, often told to be scary, unapproachable, and foreign, are actually where we can find new light to bring back to our journey in the world, so our inner discovery greets our outer experience to create potent change and a more powerful, more alive, more aligned lived experience. Only in the darkness can we find true light.



In a lifetime we may only know pieces of ourselves. I’ve once heard our soul described as a home, with many windows. Sometimes others can see through part of one window, sometimes they can see through two. Rarely if ever do they get to see through all our windows even as they’ve known us our entire lives. Each time we venture into the depths of our healing, the depths of our soul, we discover new parts of ourselves, a new window, a new learning and pearl of wisdom, a pearl of suffering or of healing that we bring back to shore that we can share with others, and learn and grow from.


In Healing Color is my lighthouse, out on the shore, there for you to explore and venture into those depths, to know you can always come back, that the light is always there for you at the end of the voyage, and to guide you as you leave. It is the light that is there for you at the beginning of your journey, to remind you what this is all for, and how much is truly possible. Welcome.