Hi, I'm Lea.

Welcome to In Healing Color. I'm so glad to hear you're interested in finding out if one of my programs is a fit for you, and I'd love to help you create the life you've always dreamed of—and get free from what's keeping you feeling stuck.

Complete the form below and I'll be in touch to let you know if you qualify for a complimentary Soul Strategy Session. In these sessions, we'll dive into what's coming up for you and work to get you more clarity for the moment you're in. From there I'm happy to share more about my work to see if we're a fit. Please mention where you heard about this offer so I can make sure you are able to take advantage of the limited number of slots I have available. Thank you! And I so cannot wait to talk to you and hold space for this important moment you're in.


“Lea’s value lies in the ability to see beyond the current reality, and frame the situation in a new light.


I believe her true gift is her genuine intuitiveness and instant insight—where just a few words can shift the paradigm completely—and in doing so, opens new possibilities and new measures I take for myself, for the better.”



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