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The good news:

stop feeling stuck.

I'm here to help.

I've walked this path many times before. here are four areas I can help you with:


Hi, I'm Lea.

I'm a Healing, Liberation, and Empowerment Coach.

I teach people how to heal, to become free from suffering, and to live the life of their dreams.

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there are too many things — big and small — that we didn't learn how to heal, move through, or learn from and grow.

I'm here to tell you...


it's possible to learn how to heal

here's how:


learn to move through hard emotions

By deepening your self-intimacy and increasing your emotional capacity to feel and to hold hard emotions, you'll no longer feel afraid to face challenging moments, choices, and relationships in the world. Know it's possible to heal and live through and face a range of emotions. I'll show you how.


improve your self-talk and self love

Create true self care and discover what it means to feel held, loved, valued, and safe in the world making you more resilient, more trusting in yourself, your gifts, and the world around you, so that you can truly create and go after the life of your dreams. No more sacrifices, no more inescapable suffering.


navitgate major life changes and moments

Surface what calls you in life and your ability to make change happen by creating a navigation system of what matters most to you—your deepest desires and values in combination with your greatest gifts. Change doesn't have to feel insurmountable or hard, and you don't have to do it alone.



heal & Feel through old wounds and stuck beliefs

Discover and release the emotions and situations that no longer serve you but keep you stuck—often the ones we've forgotten, or that we replay in our mind every day. You'll be empowered to rewrite your story and create new patterns that support how you want to show up and live your life. 

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Working with Lea over the last six years has helped me move through some of the most significant events of my life.

Matt C., New York City / Read Full Testimonial


what the process looks like


The 5 Steps


There is so much that is possible through this work. These steps have been gathered and honed through my own 13 year journey, combining wisdom across healing disciplines, mentors, teachers, lived experience, and coaching clients. In the Steps in Healing journey, I teach and empower you to apply the tools, skills, and processes you'll learn throughout your life.

The five steps in this process are each their own journey, with a unique set of skills and tools; you can continue to learn and apply them in your life with your interactions and challenges. As you learn and apply it, this process will continue to ripple out and impact your relationships, your dreams, and, ultimately, the world. 


Diving Deep Within



recognize: curiosity

There are both inner and outer components of suffering: what's yours versus what's happening to you (or who's happening to you)? We'll explore and paint a fuller picture. Often we need help seeing outside of ourselves to make sense of what's going on. This is called mirroring.



respond-ability: inner dialogue

Suffering is often externally triggered and internally perpetuated. This is where we focus on our responses, our self-talk, and learn a process to stop the internal rewounding by recognizing our own limiting reactions or false beliefs by identifying where they came from in the first place.



heal: release & restore

There are two components to healing: feeling and honoring the range of emotions within us, so that they don't get suppressed or stuck (later causing disease and stress); and learning to take care of our needs, through self-care, nourishment, and time. You'll learn to recognize what you need when, what self-care and "restoration" actually is, how to create your own unique process, and to be patient through it all by honoring the natural work at play.

Putting It Together: The Inner Greets the Outer



Re-vision: new narrative

What we know can often be comforting, no matter the despair it brings. This is the moment where from a place of love and possibility, we give you permission to vision and write how you want to feel in these areas of your life—and recraft the story of what is possible for you.




Confidence is built by action. By stepping into courage and choice, you'll be creating and living the new story you you've chosen. This takes faith, belief that a new life or alternative belief is possible, and the ability to recognize and move through the new fears that will greet you along the way. This will be the final stage, and will be incredibly empowering, exciting, and enriching.


The Result: Rippled Impact in the World

I've once heard that we each go out to the sea, to learn, to heal, to bring what we learned back and to share and pass on to others. That is very much my experience of healing—it continues beyond you; we share it with the people in our lives, it changes our relationships, it changes how we show up in the world. We continue to heal as we touch others and as they touch us. We learn through each other's words. We heal through each other's words. We have no idea how far those words can travel, touch, and change us. 

I've once heard that we each go out to the sea, to learn, to heal, to bring what we learned back and to share and pass on to others. That is very much my experience of healing—it continues beyond you; we share it with the people in our lives, it changes our relationships, it changes how we show up in the world. We continue to heal as we touch others and as they touch us. We learn through each other's words. We heal through each other's words. We have no idea how far those words can travel, touch, and change us. 


where we'll start

where this work begins—with you and what you want


we start with exactly where you're at.

You may not know what you need now, or where you want to go and that's ok. Together, we'll talk about what's most present for you, whether it's a desire to change, a need to be free from suffering, an area of your life or a skill you want to work on, or support in navigating a major life transition. To give you an idea of how long each of these journeys can take, preview some of my package options below.



Programs & Packages

There are three ways I typically work with clients, dependent on the stage you are at in your process. I'll help identify and surface the things that are causing you pain now, those that are ripe for potential, and the possibility for where your life can go.



This seems like a simple (and obvious) question, but I know through my own journey often I did not know the root or cause of my suffering and pain. Other times, I had an idea of what was going on and was looking for specific help in an area of my life. The first step is to surface where you're at, and to see if we're a fit to get you the relief and possibility you seek.


This package focuses on a support for a specific stage of the journey: typically building skills around inner dialogue, self care, support in times of healing, or creating a new vision for what's possible in your life. You'll know you're here if you have a better idea what type of help you're looking for or what problem you'd like to work with. 


option 2: i know what needs to change

This package focuses on change and support in a specific area of your life (career, relationships, family, moving, other life change). You might know what's plaguing you, but might know less of where you want to go and how to get there. This journey supports you in the choice to make the change, get clarity on what you want, and the skills and support to stick with it. It can powerfully propel you to gain clarity and take the kind of action you never dreamed to be possible.


option 3: i have no idea, i just know it can be better

This journey is near and dear to my heart. It is probably what I wish I had many years ago, to figure out what I truly wanted in life, to surface the habits and thoughts that were holding me back or keeping me stuck, to support me to make the changes I needed faster than I could on my own and with loving support. As you'll learn with my own story, when we do the kind of deep work that is possible in this container, you'll see the effects ripple out across multiple areas of your life and your greatest desires.


what healing can mean in your life

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The Results and Possibility of the Steps in Healing Journey


The impact of this work in your life is profound:

  • Unravel decades of wounding
  • Figure out where, why, and how your suffering occurs—and change it
  • Heal your mental and emotional roadblocks to become more resilient and clearer in what you want in life, and take action to create the life you truly desire
  • Unpack what you’ve learned through society and our families, and see what is actually true for you
  • See what matters in your life and makes you happy versus what you’ve been told success looks like
  • Get rid of noise and distractions that are not your own
  • Dig into where your thoughts come from
  • See, learn, and improve your self talk
  • Be able to truly hold and care for yourself

The tools and skills you'll learn:

  • Learn to truly love yourself (there is an actual proven life-changing process)
  • Truly learn how and what it means to heal, and be able to do it for yourself time and again
  • Honor and explore all parts of you, so that you have capacity to hold more emotion, change, and intimacy in your relationships and in your life
  • Learn how to craft and evolve a vision that is true to your life, your desires, how you most want to feel
  • Create a new narrative and live it as the path in your life
  • Bust through the fears and resistance that are inevitable companions in journeys of change
  • Build greater faith, resilience, and connection within to stay true to yourself and your vision, and to stay agile toward accomplishing your desires and goals
  • Choose how you want to react to the things that have always plagued you—see how you react in the first place, and consciously be able to feel and move through those difficult situations and relationships differently

The results inner work and healing can have:

  • Enable you to have the relationships and deep intimacy and connection you've always dreamed of
  • Propel you to become more resilient and to pursue the career, path, and impact of your dreams
  • Help you feel lighter (like a huge weight or fog has been lifted), have more energy, be happier, see opportunities you never saw before
  • Create more emotional integrity, capacity, and reach—not be afraid to feel, but celebrate the information and movement of your emotions
  • Build a deeper relationship with and embodied awareness within yourself
  • Move you through life with more ease, more clarity, more desire and aliveness—to bring back, create, and celebrate more of your joy

let's begin

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Take Action

Interested in getting the support you need?

I'm offering free Deep Dive Soul Exploration calls and gifting my Self-Intimacy Workbook to help you begin this journey and to take a look within to see where you're at. The workbook will acquaint you with your deepest needs, the places you may have turned away from, and the jewels that are there for you to explore. This is powerful work, it's 100% free, and I'd love to talk to you in the next 30 days to see where you can learn to tune more into you.

Download the Self-Intimacy Workbook


Free for launch, download the Self-Intimacy workbook, as it takes you to journey within to discover the power our pain, joy, and fears have for us.

Deep Dive Call March 2018


Eager to connect? This is a free opportunity to explore what's going on in your life right now. These 1 hour calls are completely free.

Read Lea's story about healing


What inspired this work? Discover the journey that took 13 years to learn how to heal, and how my deepest desires allowed me to finally be free.

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why healing?

Almost everyone has the moments we play back over and over in our head. The things that never stopped bothering us, that we let keep hurting and wounding us. That hold us back from who we truly are. That keep us closed off from ourselves and the people we care about. That keep us playing small and from making positive change in our life. They're also the things that cause us to hurt and judge others. They drain and exhaust us, frying our nerves, causing anxiety and depression at the very worst. We often feel heavy and stuck. Maybe angry. It's a never-ending cycle of trauma that keeps us all trapped, and it's time we all learned how to heal so we can live the lives of our dreams and build the world we wish to see. So we can stop hurting and stop hurting each other.


Read how this work got started:

"My greatest desires I would come to find out, held both my greatest gifts and greatest wounds."

My journey through and to this work has taken 13 years, through many of my own ups and downs, that's why I know how powerful it can be for you.

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it's time to heal.

Take action now, it's the most powerful thing you can do for your life.


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the time for change is now

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my Mission:


I teach and empower people to heal from the moments, situations, and things that cause them suffering in their life. I like to call this the wave of healing—it's the greatest impact I know we can have, together, for the world.

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