13 questions to ask to get clarity on anything

the top questions to ask to figure out what's next or what you want

13 Questions to Get clear on what you want

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This workbook will help you:


Get clear on why you're feeling stuck, heavy, or unsure


Get clear on what's next for you, what's possible, and what's most true to you and what you want


Get free from fear, dread, worry, and doubt by calling out what's getting in your way, what you can't see quite yet, and learn how to work with or transform it


With big and small decisions to see why you feel so pulled to begin with, and to instead step into and see your truth by defining what you want in the first place

Use this workbook:

  • in moments of change

  • if you're at a crossroads

  • in your daily life if you're feeling heavy or lost

  • if you're feeling stuck

  • if you sense your decisions aren't actually aligned with what you want

  • if you're having a hard time figuring out what you want — what action to take or decision to make next

  • if you're feeling stuck on what to do or having a hard time getting started or taking action

when you feel:

  • When you feel unclear

  • When you feel stuck

  • When you feel like you're swirling and you can't figure out why

  • When you feel blocked and like you can't move forward

  • When you feel really anxious or dreadful about a project your facing and it feels like you can't get started no matter what you do

  • When the decision you're being told to do or thank you should make just doesn't feel right


Moment of change or choice

Often when we're in a moment of change, we can have all sorts of things show up that make us question if we're making the right choice or why we're trying to change in the first place. But this can also happen in the smallest moments in our days, when facing projects or making a decision about something that seems simple like what to wear for a big event. The challenge here is to get good at recognizing if you're making a decision out of fear or desire. 

Who this workbook especially helps:

  • Business owners — are you letting your vision drive your decisions and your days, or is fear running the show and leaving you feeling drained?

  • New moms — are you feeling frantic and burned out with no time for yourself because you're busy googling every last thing instead of taking the time to slow down and parent with intention?

  • Overworked professionals — are you letting your external performance at work define your self worth? Does every email feel like it could be the end of the world?

  • Career changers — are you losing faith in the new path you've defined for your life thinking you might turn back to the job you've been dreading and wanting to leave?

  • Job seekers — does it feel like you're world is about to fall apart and you're in constant tension, dread, or emotion, no longer feeling like yourself?

  • Entrepreneurs — are you having a hard time trusting yourself and instead turning to everyone else for advice on if your project is even a good idea to begin with?


Why does this matter?

"Not many people in the medical world are talking about how being afraid can make us sick—but the truth is that fear, left untreated, becomes a serious risk factor for conditions from heart disease to diabetes to cancer."

— Lissa Rankin, M.D


Fear is prevalent in our world — from advertising, to school, to work — fear has shaped us to show up a certain way and has been a tool to get us to do what we were told to do. In our former lives in the wild, it helped us survive. Now, we are often so triggered into fight and flight by everything around us (including our phones and all those apps), that we are spend too much time in that part of our nervous system, and often in a state of stress. As we grow older, fear and stress take us farther away from who we are; they warp our bodies, our identities, our relationships, shoot up our stress hormones and cortisol, and start to eat at us from the inside out (just see the image to the right), no longer being a helpful ally, but becoming one that can literally turn into disease and change our lives for the worse — making us smaller and smaller, no longer pursuing what lights us up, keeping us compromising on what's best, and has us running away from change, all in an effort of trying to "safe" — because we haven't looked at and named the underlying cause to begin with — fear.

When we are in a situation or a decision that has us feel that we're in turmoil, fear is often a culprit. The more we can get clear on the ways fear shows up in our lives, the more we can get free from the anxiety and havoc it causes, and the more we can get clear on where we're no longer making choices based on what's best for us. Ultimately, this means we can step into and create the life we actually want. The one that fills us up and has us excited and grateful each day. There will still be challenges, but instead of them being sacrifices to survive, they will be learning experiences to grow. I think this is the number one way we can transform the world — to get free from fear — so we can each step into our brilliance and gifts and stop playing small, and start feeling like ourselves. Will you join me?

Get free from fear

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