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Don’t run away from things that are unpleasant in order to embrace things that are pleasant. Put your hands in the earth. Face the difficulties
and grow new happiness.
— Thich Nhat Hanh
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About Me

As I've been chasing down the depths of the human soul, I realized I've been holding this kind of space for decades. For the people I love. For my soul mates. For my friends. For the people who cross into my path. Those people who I connect with on the side of the street.


My gifts and my passions intersect at the corner of transformation. My time in San Francisco put a big highlighter across this: first as a transformation consultant, then as holding deep space for 20 odd souls in our communal kitchen, the heart of our home, day in and day out. Since then I've stopped taking these gifts for granted and started seriously investing in them. I have my community, my SF family, to thank for that — they spelled it out so clearly for me in a gracious goodbye video where they each told me so. 

Every step of this journey has been an opportunity to learn and provide support to other people in my life along the way. Every step has created deeper reflection in myself to be able to hold that deeper attuned space for others. Every pit I uncover is a new depth I can hold. It is a life-giving, affirming cycle. I realized I have been consuming and eagle eyeing this work for years. And now I am putting those investments, those conversations, that space, those decades to work for you.




compassion and hard truths

"Lea is such an amazingly dependable figure. I came to trust her council very quickly, and found I could rely on her words to help me get deeper with my own issues. Her compassionate care expertly spans the full range from unconditional positive regard to speaking the hard truths that we might not be able to face on our own. She would call me out on my bad habits at the same time as pulling me in for a big hug. Her solid presence and dedication makes her a powerful ally to have with you on any path of self-exploration.

— Dan S., San Francisco, CA


thirteen years


This journey has taken me over 13 years.

THIRTEEN YEARS. One more time because it is crazy. 


Thirteen years to begin to come home to myself. To come home. To feel safe in my body. To feel safe in my skin. To trust I can truly be myself in this world. To feel sane in my own skin. To not have my nerves on fire all the time. To trust my own instincts, my head, my heart, my gut, my soul. To trust what I was really saying and thinking and seeing and experiencing. To really be able to be in touch and contact with every core of my being, in a loving, nurturing, understanding, invincible and deeply sure kind of way.

Why oh why did it take me thirteen years? Because I was so damn lost and searching. And yearning to find my place. Searching—constantly seeking—outside of myself when I could’ve been looking within. I was looking for my home, my safety, my wisdom, my truth, my holding. I was looking for my home within myself and it was nowhere to be found on the outside, but I didn't know that. Every time I looked or reached outside turned into a new wound or pattern or broken path and lesson for me. The world couldn’t give me what I wanted if I couldn’t give it to myself first. I so deeply believe this does not need to be true for you, to search and seek for decades, but we all have what we are looking for, and our journey to travel—it took me over 10 years to find it. It doesn’t have to take 10 years for you.

Let’s return back to ourselves, to the soulmate within, to the wisdom, the lover, the father, the mother, who really sees and knows and loves us, because she and he have been there all along. Right there within.



Want to read the rest of my story of how this work came to be? Check out the first chapter here.

The world couldn’t give me what I wanted if I couldn’t give it to myself first.

Learn about your joy, your desires, your fears, and what might be holding you back.

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